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Rolling is a process that shapes the steel to make it more suitable for its intended use. As its name implies, cold-rolling takes place at a temperature where the steel has already recrystallized, although it may still be quite warm relative to room temperature. In this process, steel passes between sets of rollers that squeeze it slightly to alter its shape. Depending on the type of rollers you choose and how they are arranged, you can produce shapes like cylinders, I-beams and sheets.The thickness accuracy of cold rolled products is determined by the cold rolling process. Rolling force and strip tension are computer-controlled to minimize thickness deviations during rolling, based on measurements of the strip thickness at the entry and delivery sides of the mill.

All steels are alloys of carbon and iron, but different steel products may vary either in their composition or in the process used to make them. Two kinds of steel you will encounter often are galvanized and cold-rolled steel.

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