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The visual appeal of polished stainless steel is regularly used to good effect in enhancing the outward appearance of modern road vehicles of all types. Where quality and durability are the primary considerations, stainless steel is often chosen in preference to other metallic materials and coatings.   Stainless steels are also being used in other applications such as fuel tank, bumper, chassis for buses and trucks. With the development of new varieties of austenitic, ferritic and martensitic stainless steels, automotive industry is intensively exploring their potential. There is an ever increasing demand for safety in combination with strength, efficiency, performance, and light weight. Due to meeting these requirements, stainless steel came to the forefront of automotive design.

The important functional role that stainless steel has to play in automotive construction which, in volume terms, greatly outstrips the market for decorative trim. Here, the unique properties of the material make it the optimum choice for unseen, but vitally important component parts. The use of stainless steel for key structural components in automotive construction. Due to its unique mechanical properties, stainless steel can add an extra dimension of passenger safety, especially in the way that a large part of the energy produced in a collision is absorbed as the material deforms under impact. This property is already put to good effect in the design of modern large passenger vehicles such as buses, but the future potential in all types of road vehicle is immense. The use of stainless steels also improves aesthetics and minimizes life cycle cost. In automobiles, presently 45-50% of stainless steels are used in exhaust systems. To improve efficiency, complex designs are being used and performance criteria of the material are getting tougher.

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