Vasant Group
Vasant Group
#1 : Facility

Continuous Tube Mills

The welded stainless steel tubes are made from the selected qualities of strips and the coils are allowed to pass into the tube mill from the de-coiler and it traverse through the forming rolls, closing rolls and finishing rolls to form fold open tubes for welding. In the welding station the squeeze rolls hold the tubes and TIG welding process is carried out by using Inert Argon Gas atmosphere.

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#2 : Facility

Polishing Facility

The tubes are subjected to polishing to achieve alternate surface finishes. The polished finishes are known in terms of grit finishes. We have at present in house established outside polishing facility for grit finishes.

  • Range:-80, 120, 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000Grit
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#3 : Facility



  • Calibrated instruments for measurement and control etc.
  • Computerized micro scope for macro & micro examination with print facility.
  • Ink jet Marking Machine.
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#4 : Facility

Gas Fired Solution Annealing Furnace

Capable to raise Temperature at a maximum elevation of 1150°C with auto cut off system and Computerized interface for memory and print head for the temperature chart printing. We undergo Pipes/Tubes heat treatment as per Code or as advised by the customer.

The tubes are subjected to heat treatment by Gas fired Roller hearth in a “controlled atmosphere furnace”, thereby the resultant smooth surface and reflective mill finish is achieved. The process advantage of the product is that the tubes in operation will perform superior Performance durability compared to prevalent other methods of heat treatments. It gives a glaring finish on Pipe/Tubes to withstand on hazardous applications.

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